"She Smiles": A Poem for Those Who Smile Through Their Struggles & Anxieties by Ann Marie Patitucci

5 years ago

"She Smiles": A Poem for Those Who Smile Through Their Struggles & Anxieties

Someone dear to me recently wrote a poem and shared it with me. It touched me deeply not only because it expresses so beautifully what she’s feeling and experiencing right now, but also because it expresses what many of us feel and experience at different times in our lives. 

I am blessed to know many strong and remarkable women who have been through so much and have smiled through it all, keeping it together for their kids, their partners, their parents, their employees, their students – whoever needs them. I think they’ll all be able to relate to these powerful words. I hope they’re meaningful to you, too. And to the amazing woman who sent this to me: I love you and your smile. And I’m always here for you.

She Smiles

Underneath, her heart is crying, but she smiles.

Underneath, she’s questioning everything, but she smiles.

Underneath, she worries constantly, but she smiles.

Underneath, her world is crumbling around her, but she smiles.

Underneath, she doesn’t know how to move on, but she smiles.

Underneath, she is screaming to make it all stop, but she smiles.

Underneath, she is afraid, but she smiles.

Underneath, she has faith, so she smiles.

Underneath, she has support, so she smiles.

Underneath, she is strong, so she smiles.

Underneath, it is getting lighter, so she smiles.

Underneath, she needs to stand tall for them, so she smiles.

She smiles for them.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so quietly beautiful and powerful, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead . I am deeply moved, and I can relate. I think so many parents can. Please tell your friend how very special she is, and that we see her strength and resilience through her words. And, her smiles. Thank you for sharing with us. Smiling back at you both. xoxo
Carrie Watts
I understand this poem intimately. So beautiful. Thank you, and her, for sharing it.
Marge Jesberger
Really thought-provoking and very well written
Laura Allen-Davis
WOW! I felt this! and I know so many others can relate. Thank you, Beautiful!
Jessica L. Williams
My heart was nodding to every sentence of this poem. I feel it all. Thank you for sharing!
Lyn Moffatt Slaughter
I have a friend who just lost her husband and this is her right now. I would like to share it with her but not without permission. She could surely use this right now.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Please share it with your friend, Lyn Moffatt Slaughter . I hope it helps her. xoxo
Noreen Braman
The act of smiling, even when you don't feel like it, and even if you think you are doing it only for others, really does help you. The brain, which doesn't care why you are smiling, still releases endorphins. And those endorphins help you keep going when things are impossibly hurtful. Sending smiles to all who need some strength today.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Great point, Noreen Braman . Sending a smile to you, too. xoxo

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