How to Make Extra Money: 2 Ways to Find Time for Your Side Hustle by Jessica L. Williams

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6 months ago
How to Make Extra Money: 2 Ways to Find Time for Your Side Hustle

I love side hustles. I have had one for a number of years and not only has it helped me earn some extra money, but it has also helped expose me to a whole new network of cool individuals. If starting a side hustle has been on your to-do list but you are not sure how to find time to make it work, here are two of my favorite tips:

  • Hidden minutes are your friend. With the #sidehustlelife, it’s not so much about finding big pockets of time. What it is about is maximizing those 10- to 15-minute pockets of time you find throughout your day. Use your commute time to listen to an audiobook. Use a part of your lunchtime to schedule some social media or respond to emails.
  • Extend your workday. Figure out your most productive time and use part of it to work on your side hustle. If you are a morning person, can you wake up an hour earlier and head to the office and spend some time on your side hustle? After work, can you head to a coffee shop for 30 minutes and write that blog post? This way once you get home, your "workday" is done.

What other tips have you found helpful for making time for your side hustle?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Yes! Great tips for making your side hustle work, Jessica L. Williams . You are so inspiring!
Renee Herren
This is a great tip! ❤️
Noreen Braman
I'm in year 2 of my side hustle marketing push, and this is great advice. I carry my business cards everywhere with me, have donated my services as a prize to PTA events and other community groups. Thanks for this great tip!
Jessica L. Williams
I love the way you are marketing Noreen Braman !

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