Make a Difference This Christmas & Be the Change You Want to See in the World by Ash Benton

Make a Difference This Christmas & Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Every year around the holidays, we get extra excited because we are giving and receiving. Gifts, food, great company, exciting holiday parties, Christmas movies and more are all a part of our wonderful celebrations. But what about the forgotten community? The under-served community? The homeless? The hungry? 

Let’s take a moment to put ourselves in their shoes. How would you feel if you had no one to spend Christmas with, no one to give you a gift, no money to purchase a gift, no family, no home, nowhere to go and nowhere to belong? While all alone, you are watching the laughter of others as they shop, eat good food and be merry.

This story is not at all to make you feel guilty of your success or celebrations; it’s to help you feel more generous at this time of year and to bless one or more people with Christmas cheer! 

Remember that every person counts, and that one person you share a gift with could be the person’s life you change. So go ahead ... be the change

Happy holidays!

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
You said it, Ash Benton . Powerful words to live by, and I am grateful to you for reminding us regularly of them. I love that photo of you, shining extra bright during the holidays. Thank you for all you do!
Ash Benton
Thank you so much!!!!☺️👍🏾💚💚💚
Victoria Torij Johnson
Ashley Pontious, again you have tugged on my heart. So many go through this even with family and all. But to go through this everyday hurts. Thank you for being the light to many in thier time of darkness. Not only at Christmas but everyday. Love you💕💕
Pam Guyer
Ashley, this struck me for two reasons. First, I could not agree more, this season is cheerful, and we hustle & bustle this season, spreading good cheer. We all need the reminder that spreading good cheer also means reaching out to the homeless or hungry or anyone that is in need of love, food, care. The second reason is struck me is because I see you do this day in and day out, not just this season, every day and every week. I am going to honor your post by doing good in this way. Happy Holidays to you, always shine your light! XO
Ash Benton
OMG thank you for helping me to create a domino effect of good. This is wonderful! Happy Holidays Pam! 👍🏾💚💚💚

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