'Tis the Season for Self-Care: 5 Rejuvenating Rituals for the Holidays! by June Stoddard-Finemore

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5 years ago

'Tis the Season for Self-Care: 5 Rejuvenating Rituals for the Holidays!

As a massage therapist I like to encourage my clients to take time for themselves in between our sessions. This time of year can put a toll on us mentally and physically. Reconnecting the mind, body and soul can have profound effects on us. The top rejuvenating rituals on my list that keep me going are: 

When I get to do all these things in one day, it’s a good day. The common denominator between all these modalities is that it keeps things flowing, whether it’s your energy (chi), your lymphatic system or your circulatory system.

Let’s not forget that mindful eating is also an important part of your self-care routine. It may seem impossible to avoid processed foods. What you can do is crowd out the processed foods with rich, fresh, vibrant, nutrient-dense foods. You’ll notice a difference in your energy levels almost immediately.

Taking control and making time for yourself can be very empowering. This holiday season may you feel empowered, grounded and just “go with the flow.”

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Donna John
Great tips, June Stoddard-Finemore . Perfect timing, too, because I know stress levels are increasing at my house. Welcome to the tribe!
June Stoddard-Finemore
Thank you Donna! Yes, I feel like everyone is feeling the stress levels rise this time of year. It may seem like a snow ball in the face at time but, if we build up our personal arsenal of self care we can diffuse those negative situations thrown at us.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you, June Stoddard-Finemore ! Great tips here. Welcome to our community of writers!
Elisa Schmitz
Wonderful suggestions, June Stoddard-Finemore ! Thank you for the great tips, especially needed this time of year. Curious about red light therapy. Sounds like it could be a tip on its own! Welcome to our community of writers at 30Seconds.com. So excited to learn and grow with you!
June Stoddard-Finemore
Elisa, Red light therapy had been in my toolbox for a few years now. It basically increases circulation, reduces inflammation and helps improve collagen production. Gotta love it!
Elisa Schmitz
Sounds amazing. I think I need to try it, thank you! June Stoddard-Finemore
Stephanie Cannoe
June Stoddard-Finemore A very warm welcome my friend! ❤Great tips! I detox often with my salt baths, and I practice Reiki balancing daily for myself and son.

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