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#30Seconds In-Depth: "Dare To Be Kind" Global Movement With Kindness Expert Gabriella van Rij! by Renee

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5 years ago
#30Seconds In-Depth: "Dare To Be Kind" Global Movement With Kindness Expert Gabriella van Rij!

A little kindness goes a long way and everyone can be a kindness expert! Gabriella van Rij, founder of the Dare to Be Kind movement, shared information about the Dare To Be Kind movement, the #D2BK tour and how you can make a positive impact on others around you and your community.

Q: You are known as the Kindness Expert! Tell us how you got started in your line of work.

I always tell people that a cause that you are passionate about hides your own adversity. From that pain grows your biggest strength, which in turn makes you the best ally for the cause. I was adopted from Pakistan as a toddler by a Dutch family, but what should have been a happy ending was not to be. I grew up during a time when I stood out as a dark-skinned girl in a predominately white world. So, I learned about bullying the hard way. But this led me to my passion for kindness and helping people practice acceptance.

Q: You are the founder of the Dare To Be Kind movement. Tell us how that began!

I articulated what would become the Dare To Be Kind movement in 2010, while writing my first book, ‘With All My Might.’ I expanded on the concept during my travels and speaking engagements in 2012 with the Dare To Be Kind campaign. The movement has gathered momentum and is now a full-fledged kindness movement, with kindness instigators across the globe.

Q: Tell us about the goals of the Dare To Be Kind movement and about the tour you are presently doing.

The #D2BK mission statement is: Now is the time for Kindness to grow more Kindness. The #D2BK vision is a SAFER world. The method is KINDNESS. The vehicle is YOU! The Dare To Be Kind World Tour has three goals:

  • Help one person a day. Even if that is all this tour accomplishes, it will be a success.
  • Gather footage for the Dare To Be Kind TV show that will show associations doing a stellar job in their communities plus people who've taken up the challenge of one act of kindness in a 2-mile radius. The main purpose of this concept is to show that if we all started with our immediate surroundings, pretty soon we’d get the kind of caring communities we’re all hoping for.
  • Show how kindness can be used to create safer communities and healthier relationships.

Q: What are some examples of acts of kindness that we can all participate in?

With the holidays around the corner, consider writing a Christmas card to someone who you might have neglected throughout the year.Or, if you know of an elderly couple on your street, offer to drive them somewhere. Or bring them cookies and say hello. Seniors can experience a lot of loneliness over the holiday, so your interactions will likely be appreciated. Complimenting your cashier when out shopping could brighten their day! There are so many ways we can show kindness. But you need to slow down to notice people – really SEE them and not see through them.

Q: You mention a Dare To Be Kind TV show. Tell us about that!

We are in the fundraising stage in creating a TV show to push kindness back into the news cycle! Our TV show will be pure energy from start to finish! I am interviewing associations doing a stellar job in their communities and people who have taken up the Dare To Be Kind challenge of one act of kindness.For example, organizations like Mighty Warriors are doing wonderful work for veterans and Gold Star Families. We want more people to know about the great work these and many other not-for-profits are doing. This show will be for anyone who feels there’s too much nonsense and negativity on TV and who wants to see kindness make the news! We actually started a crowdfunding campaign for it, so if anyone is interested in helping out, check it out!

Q: Can you give us your top three tips for getting better at showing kindness to others?

  • Invest in people, not your expectation of the outcome.
  • Put Kindness on like you do your clothes.
  • People don’t make the time for others. So when we stop and take the time, people are already feeling your kindness.
  • And a bonus tip: Use others’ rudeness as a reminder to yourself to be kind!

Q: What are some ways we can support what you’re doing and grow the Dare To Be Kind movement?

Share a story on Share something that touched you, helped you not feel alone, or showed you how capable and resilient you are. Your story might be just what another needs to hear right now.

Do one deed of kindness in a 2-mile radius of where you are. You don’t need to go abroad to perform a selfless act. Tell us about it via an Instagram Story with the hashtag #DaretobeKind or in our Facebook community.

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Elisa Schmitz
I am so excited about this chat. Kindness matters, especially at this time of year. Can't wait to chat with you, Gabriella van Rij ! Renee Herren Donna John Jan Mostrom Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead Holly Budde Meredith Schneider Chef Gigi Gaggero
Rachel W. Lewter
I look forward to the chat. Learning something new from another person’s perspective is always fun.
Toni B
Yeah! Everyone can use a little kindness!
Dolores Hall

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