15 Gifts for Fitness Lovers That You May Not Have Thought Of by Cindy Thomas

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4 years ago
15 Gifts for Fitness Lovers That You May Not Have Thought Of

Don’t know what to buy the fitness fanatic in your life? Don’t worry! If you can't afford to get them a gym membership (or don't want to), here is a gift list that any gym lover will swoon over!

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Renee Herren
I’m not the most consistent when it comes to fitness but I see several things I’d love to have! Thank you Cindy Thomas for putting this list together!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
What a great list, Cindy Thomas . I love my resistance bands, Biofreeze and foam rollers, but hadn't thought of getting them as gifts. Appreciate the recos!
Susan Masterson, PhD
Those silicone rings are great if your fingers swell up when you exercise!
Renee Herren
Cindy Thomas this really is a great list! I’m eying a few things...for myself. 😂

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