11 Gifts for Grandparents That Grandma & Grandpa Will Cherish by Rebecca Daniels

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4 years ago

11 Gifts for Grandparents That Grandma & Grandpa Will Cherish

If most grandparents are like me, they already have a house full of stuff, have developed their own personal products preferences, don’t really “need” anything and are therefore difficult to buy gifts for. When pressed by my kids or grandkids, I will ask for gift certificates to either the local gardening center or for a massage. And if the grandchildren are artistically inclined, original art is always welcome. But many kids (including one of my own grandkids) aren’t really all that interested in making a painting for their grandmas. So, what’s a family to do? Here are some interesting possibilities:

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"My iPhone for Seniors" $17 & Up
If you’re tired of explaining the iPhone to the grandparents, there’s a book you can give them.
"Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting" by Lesley Stahl $9
If they are new to the grandparenting reality, there’s a book for that, too!
Journals for Grandparents $9 & Up
If you want to know more about the lives of the grandparents, there are interesting journals you can give them. These kinds of books have multiple prompts to mine their memories, and if the grandparents in question are not likely to write in a journal on their own, you can have fun getting them to share their memories with you in a conversation, and you can be the one to put them in the book.
Custom Picture Frames $12 & Up
The grandparents I know always have as many photos of their grandkids as they possibly can, so a new picture frame is always a good bet. It could have a customizable frame for a personal touch.
Grandpa Picture Frames $9 & Up
Or a special one for Grandpa.
Nana Picture Frames $12 & Up
Is the grandma in question called Nana?
Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornament 2018 $24
If grandparents decorate for Christmas, photo ornaments are always appreciated.
Grandparents "House Rules" Sign $49
How about a fun way to advertise to their friends and neighbors that they are grandparents? Perhaps a wall sign.
Grandma & Grandpa Garden Flag $19
Or a garden flag.
Coffee or Tea Mug $10 & Up
There's always room in the cupboard for another coffee or tea mug.
Insulated Tumblers $15 & Up
Or how about an insulated tumbler for grandparents on the go?

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Donna John
Great ideas! I especially love the iPhone for Seniors book!
Elisa Schmitz
You are so right, Rebecca Daniels - most grandparents have all the "stuff" they need. I am with you on the photos/frames and unique, personalized items like that. But I love your idea for the journals, too!
Ann Marie Patitucci
What great ideas! Thanks for sharing this with us, Rebecca Daniels !
Rebecca Daniels
Thank you for pushing me to do it. I had fun "shopping" for ideas!
Katie Sloan
Great ideas, thank you!
Mike Prochaska
We bought grandpa a nerf gun and extra darts for grandpa. And kids each a gun but grandpa gets the be

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