How to Replace Carpet on a Budget: There's Nothing Square About This DIY Carpet Solution! by Tiffany Zook

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9 months ago
How to Replace Carpet on a Budget: There's Nothing Square About This DIY Carpet Solution!

Tearing out old carpet? Here is a DIY solution that will not only save you money, but keep allergies at bay. 

Our youngest suffers from allergies and we knew the carpet in her room was a dust trap. We still wanted a cozy feel in her bedroom, and we found a perfect solution: carpet tiles.

These DIY 12 x 12-inch or 24 x 24-inch squares come in all kinds of colors and patterns. My super-handy husband created a preschool play land by mixing up the colorful tiles. The carpet tiles are easy to install and rubber backed – no frizzy carpet or carpet pad to trap allergens. 

Carpet tiles are washable, so if kids spill a drink we can just hose off that tile and return it to the floor after drying. No more replacing an entire room of carpet when stains strike or puppies pee. (Our landfills are full enough!)

These tiles are made right here in the USA, are durable, recyclable and cost a fraction of the price as installed carpet. Our 12 x 12 room cost around $100 to carpet. Hello savings! Sorry wall-to-wall, we're breaking up.

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Donna John
We have these in our cabin at the deer lease. So durable and we have a stack of leftovers under the bed to replace any that get really bad. Your husband did a great job! Tiffany Zook
Mike Prochaska
Wow are those really that easy to install ?
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
What an awesome idea! Maybe even easy enough for me to do, LOL! Donna John, that picture of Cocoa is adorable! :-)
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Love this, Tiffany Zook ! You always have the best ideas!
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