Halloween Games for Adults: Surprise Your Friends With "You've Been Brewed!" by Tiffany Zook

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5 years ago

Halloween Games for Adults: Surprise Your Friends With "You've Been Brewed!"

We have all had fun playing Ding Dong Ditch and leaving behind Halloween treats for friends and family. "You've been Booed!" tags are hanging on doors all around my neighborhood. Here's a fun way to include adults during the Halloween festivities: "You've been Brewed!" Yes, you heard me! Here’s how:

  • Collect some of your favorite fresh ground coffee beans or brew some sweet tea (for all the Southerners at heart).
  • Scout out some locally brewed beers and micro brews.

You know the drill after that. Ding Dong Ditch your beloved friends by filling their front porch with brews. Don't forget to attach a sign that says "You've been Brewed" to the door.

Will they know it was you how left the brew??

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Donna John
How fun! Will try this next year. You've got good taste in beer, Tiffany Zook . Hopadillo and Love Street are two of my favorite. You need to check out Karbach's brewery if you're ever in Houston. Fun place.
Tiffany Zook
We did 9 bags of brew last night, made my 11 year old run while I drove getaway.
Marge Jesberger
Even better then pink flamingos on the lawn
Elisa Schmitz
What a fun idea, Tiffany Zook ! I love that parents can have Halloween fun, too.

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