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Get a Sneak Peek of the 2018 Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) That's This Weekend at Navy Pier! by Renee

4 years ago
Get a Sneak Peek of the 2018 Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) That's This Weekend at Navy Pier! was excited to partner once again with the Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) at our annual #30Seconds Twitter Party featuring ChiTAG Week! When ChiTAG is in the house, the fun factor ramps up even more! We talked about play with our influencers, learned about the hottest new toys, what you can expect at this year's ChiTAG and how to get your holiday shopping done early. 

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Q: Can you please tell us a little more about the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG)?

We are so excited that this is the 16th year for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair! Have you ever been to ChiTAG? Thirty thousand people are expected to attend ChiTAG at Navy Pier on November 17 and 18. ChiTAG was started by Mary Couzin who thought the world should know the people behind the toys and games they love. ChiTAG is one of the only events in the world that connects toy and game inventors with consumers!

Mary recently talked about ChiTAG with Steve Grzanich on WGN Radio's The Opening Bell. Check it out! She had some great insight about how Toys R Us has affected the toy and game industry.

Q: That’s amazing! We’re so excited to be part of it. What’s new at ChiTAG this year?

So much to share! New this year is a Beer Garden with grownup games! Adult games are a growing trend that ChiTAG celebrates! Have some sudsy pints with friends while playing Brain Fart by Play Monster. In this game, silence is deadly! You can also compete against your friends University Games table-top shuffleboard. Over 5 feet long, bring the fun of pub games home! Or take on expert Sculptapalooza, Ken Mcgraw, improv artist and comic from Upright Citizens Brigade. Check out their promo video! It’s hilarious!

From beer to babies? Also new this year at ChiTAG will be a Baby and Toddler PlaySpace. Did you know that playing with your baby from day one is not only possible, but beneficial? Toy inventor Jillian Lakritz believes babies are born to play and created the Yoee Baby! Parents will get to try it out. They’ll also get a chance to let their littles play with Mindware Toys Keva Junior and babu Stacker that gives a modern twist on toy blocks!

Q: There are so many incredible games for the holidays. What are some of your favorite games?

My kids love Greedy Granny by Goliath Games! This year, at ChiTAG you can get a photo with her! Try and take her cookies! Guess who else is coming to ChiTAG? The foremost toy inventor himself – Santa Claus! Magformers LLC is creating a special toy workshop for the jolly old elf made of Magformers. Come get a photo!

Q: Tell us about the Young Inventor Challenge. We heard it is even more exciting this year!

This year’s Young Inventor Challenge (YIC) is bigger than ever! The grand prize winner takes home an all-expenses paid trip for four to Target headquarters in Minn. Last year’s big winner was 11-year-old Ellie Skalla of Chicago. Pressman Toy manufactured her game, Galactiquest, and you’ll find it Target in January 2019. Ellie told pro inventor Kim Vandenbrouke at The Game Aisle all about it. Check it out! Someone on this chat is going to win Galactiquest and be one of the first to have it in January! We can’t wait to see all the entries and who wins this year! The 2018 YIC is sponsored by Target, Pressman Toy, SpinMaster, Razor, Play Monster and LEGO.

Q: So incredible! What else is happening at ChiTAG this year?

First off, Scouts get in FREE! So do grandparents, military, police and fire! ChiTAG does this as a way to honor your service. You’ll find tons of new toys and games that you may not have seen on the shelves yet, including Home Alone Game by Big G Creative LLC. It hits store shelves on November 4. Big G Creative are the people behind the popular Bob Ross official games. We love everything about Bob Ross! You can even watch a certified Bob Ross instructor at work and win the painting in booth 615.

Kids can also attend a workshop with Princess Etch and learn the art of Etch A Sketch! Take a spin on Razor Worldwide’s new DriftRider with 3D steering technology. You will definitely want to stop by one of their booths #411 and #507 as they will be raffling off all of the scooters that they are bringing to the event! Plus, design your own Automoblox from Play Monster and race your friends at booth 707! Check out their brand-new sets! Enjoy a show from WTTW Big Idea Traveling Lab on Saturday! This is their first year at ChiTAG. We are so excited for them to come!

Q: We heard there’s a ton of new competition happening all weekend long at ChiTAG. Please tell us about it!

The Illinois state Yoyo Championship returns and will take place on Saturday sponsored by Plus, is asking parents to take the Screen Time Challenge and learn 10 classic yoyo tricks with your kids. It’s not hard! Check out this video of the Fizz Yoyo in action! Then challenge your friends to a sport stacking battle courtesy of Speed Stacks You won’t believe how fast some of these kids can sport stack!

Take the ITop Challenge from Goliath Games! These new generation of tops actually keep track of the number of spins. The competition wraps up on Sunday with the Stratego National Championship sponsored by Play Monster and the North American Stratego Federation. Also on Sunday, take the GraviTrax Challenge by Ravensburger PC. Prizes awarded for building a track that keeps a marble running for the longest. One of the best parts about ChiTAG is that we created a special time for kids with special needs. Thanks to Playfoam and Neighborhood Parent's Network's Super Sensory Power Hour is happening again.

Q: Phew, that’s a lot of fun! What are the final details (and any deals?) we need to know about this year’s ChiTAG?

Doors open 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday (one hour early) for families with these kids so that they can enjoy the fair. Grab your tickets for ChiTAG here. You can also buy them at the door in case you decide to go last minute! 

Special offer! Get 50% off when you use the code CHITAGPLAY. 

While your there, be sure to enter all the giveaways with including Timeout Toy Box. Win a $100 Amazon gift card if you have the right key! More giveaways from Safari Ltd. and Goliath Games. Hop on to the Giveaway Throne! During the event be sure to follow @ChiTAGweek everywhere to see photos and share yours! Your kids can even follow along on @PopJam. Look for ChiTAG on the PopJam app. We’ll be hosting daily challenges and more!

Q: Let’s talk about why play is so important for all ages! What are you doing in your daily life to #playeveryday?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Woohoo! So excited about this chat. Our Twitter party with ChiTAG is one of my faves of the year. Let's play! :-)
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Whot Hoot #ChiTAG is so fun for everyone!
Mike Prochaska
Can’t wait to chat about toy and play! 30seconds going to break the internet
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Our FAVORITE time of the year! What a great list of giveaways!
Looking forward to this Twitter party 🎈
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Super excited!! this is going to be FUN!
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So fun! Can’t wait to see the hottest toys and games! ☺️🎉
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So FUN!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!
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I’ll be there sooo excited
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Got my RSVP in. DaQueen_MrsDIVA is my Twitter handle. See you all there
Looking forward to the party! RSVPed & twitter handle is @Middlefairy.
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Counting down for this!!! Very excited and curious about all the toys
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Looking forward to the party! can't wait to learn more about all amazing toys. RSVP Nidhi C
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Can't wait, this is going to be a fun chat.
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Outstanding! Looking forward to it!
We go to ChiTAG every year!
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So exciting, can't wait!!
can't wait! this is gonna be fun.
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First timer! This is gonna be fun!
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Too fun!! Would love to know more about toys for little ones under 3!
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Hello all, this sounds like a lot of fun!
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Looks like lots of fun hopefully I RSVP'd properly
Elyse Farber
Someone explain how this works please
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It's almost time!
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YAY So excited for the party!
Felicia Brantner
I am so excited!!! We need some free stuff this year so BRING IT ON!! 😂🙌🏼 Woohoooooo! #chitag
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
ChiTAG is this Saturday! Special offer! Get 50% off when you use the code CHITAGPLAY.

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