Too Much Sugar: 4 Signs Your Child Is Overdosing on Halloween Candy by Dr. Christopher Calapai

5 years ago

Too Much Sugar: 4 Signs Your Child Is Overdosing on Halloween Candy

With Halloween around the corner, kids will be eating all the candy they can find and sugar levels will be through the roof. But how much sugar is too much, and what are the signs your child is sugar overdosing? Here's the rundown on sugar intake and what you need to know to keep your child out of a sugar coma.

How much is too much sugar? For children, it depends on their age and their calorie intake, but 12 to 25 grams a day is just enough. Here are the signs that your child may have eaten too much sugar: 

  • Sugar High: A sugar high happens when there are extremely high levels of blood sugar, which results in high energy and shaking of the hands. The candy equivalent is three Butterfingers, which is 30 grams. 
  • Sugar Crash: A sugar crash usually happens within an hour, and glucose levels in the body will drop, causing energy to decline as well. During a crash, you’ll most likely be fatigued, hungry and may also have a headache. To get rid of a crash, your child’s best bet is to eat an apple or banana.
  • Your Child is Craving More: Sugary foods release dopamine, which is the same chemical released during drug use. Once your child starts eating more sugary foods, such as those Halloween treats, the craving for more will continue. Pears are a great alternative, since it has almost 14 grams of sugar and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Sleeping Is Almost Impossible: Serotonin is released, which is our relaxation hormone, and is needed for a child to have a good night’s sleep. If insomnia issues arise, it’s time to reduce sugar intake.

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Elisa Schmitz
Oh, my. Been there, done that. Great insights, thank you Dr. Christopher Calapai !
Meredith Schneider
I have a love/hate feelings about Halloween. In between holidays I let my kids eat candy in moderation. Like those random purchases at the grocery store while trying to check out. But Halloween is a different animal. After all the fun of dressing up and trick-or-treating and the kids layout all the candy they got I become the Candy Police LOL! They know the drill that we don't overeat too much otherwise they will be high as kites and bouncing off the walls. Dr. Christopher Calapai, love the sugar crash tip! I'll be sure to stock up on more apples and bananas. Happy Halloween #30Seconds tribe!

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