Co-Parents Transitioning Together After Divorce: Here's Why Trick-or-Treat Can Be Neat! by Traci Whitney

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2 years ago
Co-Parents Transitioning Together After Divorce: Here's Why Trick-or-Treat Can Be Neat!

Whether you are a recently divorced or separated co-parent, transitioning from a one-household family to a two-home family can be overwhelming for both adults and children. During this time, look for ways to show the kids that Mom and Dad are both still here for them. Believe it or not, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to do just that!

For several years after my divorce, I went trick-or-treating every Halloween with my kids and their dad. Getting together for this night was a simple and easy commitment on our part. 

For the kids, walking around the neighborhood together showed them that we would still be their mom and dad, together in solidarity, always there for them and, in many ways, still the family that they knew. This said volumes to the kids during this transition, and they couldn’t have been happier to have us together for this special night. They looked forward to it each year, and it wasn’t until the kids started to make their own plans for Halloween that we stopped this tradition.

So, take advantage of this short and sticky sweet day to get together as a family! Spending Halloween together will be magical for your kids and therapeutic for the entire family!

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Donna John
That is so great that you and your ex did that. Always important to put the kids first. Welcome to the tribe, Traci Whitney !
Traci Whitney
Thank you Donna! Glad to be here!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is awesome! What a wonderful thing for your family. Thank you for sharing positive co-parenting strategies. Welcome to our community of writers, Traci Whitney . We look forward to reading more from you!
Traci Whitney
Thanks Elisa! Happy to be able to share! :)
Renee Herren
What a great tip! Thank you for sharing how co-parents can continue to provide family experiences for children! Welcome to 30Seconds Traci Whitney!
Traci Whitney
Thank you Renee!! So glad to be able to help coparents via 30Seconds!
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
I love this! What great advice! Welcome to our community of writers, Traci Whitney !
Traci Whitney
Thank you Ann Marie! So great to be part of this community!
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Welcome Traci Whitney What a great tip! This group is glad you joined! I can't wait for your Twitter chat about this topic
Traci Whitney
Thanks Mindy! I'm looking forward to it as well - can't wait!

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