High-Tech Parenting: The Internet Age & the Death of the Thank-You Note by Tanya Kuzmanovic

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5 years ago

High-Tech Parenting: The Internet Age & the Death of the Thank-You Note

This year, after my teen daughter's birthday came and went, I gave her a package of thank-you cards and told her to get to work. She stared at me aghast.

According to her, the idea of picking up pen and paper to write a thank-you note is an antiquated and pointless notion. I should add that this child is grateful and appreciative – for her friends, her family and any and all gifts she receives. Which is why I took pause. I choose my battles carefully – and so I mulled this one over.

  • True, thank-you notes may be a bit old-fashioned.
  • Kids are busy nowadays.
  • The cards are often just tossed in the trash.
  • My daughter did verbally thank everyone for her gifts.

But, hand-written notes remain a stand-out (and often unexpected) way to acknowledge someone else. More importantly, thank-you notes are actually more about the person writing them than the person receiving them. Writing a note of thanks is in fact a reflection of the people in your life who matter, who are important. It’s a reminder of all we have to feel lucky about and grateful for.

Long story short, my daughter wrote the notes. For now, this antiquated tradition is still alive and well in my house.

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Elisa Schmitz
You are a rock star mom (who has a rock star daughter) for making this happen. My kids did this (begrudgingly) up until about mid-high school. And then they stopped. And I would get so sad and upset. And then I had to pick my battles, because there were so many. I love hand-written thank you notes and hope they don't die out altogether. With moms like you, they will survive, Tanya Kuzmanovic !

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