Civility in Action: Planting One Seed at a Time Can Change the World & Make a Difference by Kathleen Whipple

Civility in Action: Planting One Seed at a Time Can Change the World & Make a Difference

One of the words I use often now is "civility." We see it practiced less and less these days. I just finished a trip to a grocery store in my town, and saw it in action:

  • The gentleman who helped a young man who was wrangling carts.
  • The teacher who stopped to talk to a cashier who is also a student.
  • The two people (from different parts of my life) who said hello to me. 

It is so good to know that civility still exists. Now that I am reassured about its existence, I need to help make that seed grow.

My "back story" is that I work in an elementary school as a school social worker, and am the proud mother of two daughters. I am passionate about the work that I do with our children and their families.

These little people watch us so closely; we can never forget that. They learn how to treat other people by watching and listening to us. The way we treat other adults becomes their foundation for how they learn to treat each other.

We, the "grownups" of this world, need to be increasingly vigilant in modeling civility. There are opportunities every day, all day, and we need to be mindful of them. We simply need to take advantage of the chances we have to demonstrate the way that people should, ideally, interact. 

Here's the best benefit of all: while we are showing children how to be civil, it becomes a habit.

Keep practicing civility. You can plant a seed and change the world.

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! I love this, Kathleen Whipple . Today more than ever before, we need civility and to model this for our children. What is happening in our country is frightening. This resonates so strongly, thank you. Welcome to our community of writers. I'm looking forward to reading more from you!
Jessica Acree
Yes yes yes! We are SUCH a mirror for our children... so much so that it's unsettling at times because it makes you SO aware of your own actions <3 I absolutely feel like for that reason, being a mother has made me a better person, because I want HER to be everything I am and everything I'm not <3

I'm going to take the time to notice civility today and everyday... thanks for the inspiration! And welcome :)
Oh how I love this!!! Thank you for sharing!
Holly Budde
I love this. So true ! And in agreement w Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds we need this mow more than ever.

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