#30Seconds Live: Hoodini Reveals New Escape-Proof Swaddle for Baby (Yes, Really!) by Jessica Acree

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a year ago

Liz Hilton, a new mother and 3D knit programmer, put her expertise to good use, solving a problem she knew many parents struggled with. "I'm horrible at swaddling, especially the folding ones. I got one of like every swaddle for the baby shower and he'd get out of every single one!" she admits.

Sounds familiar? Liz cleverly named her high-tech solution the Hoodini. She demonstrated the just-launched product with #30Seconds Live at the Chicago Baby Show as she laughed, "but Houdini couldn't get out of this one, let me tell ya!"

The one-piece swaddle is made with soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking yarn. It's easy to put on and off, essentially designed to work like a sock, feet first! The magic happens when you put Baby's arms into the specially designed arm compartments.

"It encourages that safe sleep position that's been recommended, on our backs with our arms to the side, but without being so constricted. You still have that movement and they still feel that hug, because this is a product with a lot of stretch and recovery," Liz explains.

That's it! No zippers, no snaps, no Velcro! Don't worry, there is an opening in the bottom for easy access to diaper changes, too.

Liz even had a little fun at the Chicago Baby Show, letting people try on an adult-sized version of the Hoodini. See it for yourself by watching the video. It's a comedy sketch in the making. We love her sense of humor!

Learn more about the Hoodini at LittleHoodini.com.

OMG so funny but helpful!
Jessica Acree
I love that she went on maternity leave and thought... "I can totally tackle this at the office" and literally got right to work! Go momma go! Sending some proud Pure Michigan love her way!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
The best baby products are invented by parents! Love this! Jessica Acree
Jessica Acree
I guess you have to fall into the trenches before you find a way to dig yourself (& others) out! <3 haha

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