#30Seconds Live: How Fridababy Helps You Tackle the Most Unsexy Parenting Moments by Jessica Acree

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5 years ago

As a new parent, you might find yourself asking, "WTF?!" That's right ... "What's the Fuss!?" That's where Fridababy comes in.

The Swedish company, led by a mother of two with another on the way, prides themselves on innovating old designs. The goal is to make those "yuck" moments better by finding a smarter way. Humor helps, too.

Krupa Hemraj whipped the NoseFrida out of her pocket at the Chicago Baby Show to show #30Seconds Live how the game-changing product works. It's simple. Put one end in Baby's nose, the other in your mouth, and suck as hard as you can. TRUST ME, it works! Don't worry, a magical filter stops the mucus and germs. "You won't be eating any boogers for dinner, but your baby will be able to breathe again," she assures.

Another issue that fuels the fuss: gas! The Windi provides natural, instant relief. Rub baby's belly, work through some bicycle kicks and then (after applying some coconut oil or Vaseline) stick it "where the sun don't shine," Krupa details. It magically helps relieve all of the built-up gas that's making both you and your baby a little crazy. Unsexy moments in parenting equals real life, but FridaBaby isn't afraid to get in the trenches with you.

They take care of mom, too! Remember those gross moments of cleanup and recovery after natural childbirth? Think: peri bottle. What your postpartum routine needs is Fridet the Momwasher. "It's much better than sticking your hand in the toilet!" Krupa reveals that non-alcoholic witch hazel can also be added for extra relief. Ahhhh.

The company makes it easy to be prepared with a couple bundles that include more than one of these must-have products. Visit Fridababy.com to learn more.

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This is hilarious
Jessica Acree
I will never forget the first time I used a NoseFrida ... I definitely thought "WTF" and then "OMG" because it's amazing. It works 9 billion times better than those aspirators given to us in other kits and by the hospital! #bebrave
Elisa Schmitz
That’s so great that you’ve used this awesome product, Jessica Acree ! I wish it had been around when my kids were little!
Jessica Acree
My husband may or may not have been worried about sucking our child's brains out... but she (and we) survived! lol

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