#30Seconds Live: Chicago Baby Show Ambassador & GIT Mom Founder Eirene Heidelberger Tells Moms to Speak Up! by Jessica Acree

"Have the confidence to speak up and say, 'I need help, let's fix this!'" That's the biggest piece of advice offered by GIT Mom founder and 30Seconds contributor Eirene Heidelberger. The energetic mother of three boys served as the 2018 Ambassador for the Chicago Baby Show and made time for a #30Seconds Live chat to make sure you hear her message loud and clear!

During the candid conversation, Eirene reminds moms that taking care of another human being should not fall on only one person. "You don't have to do it all," Eirene says. She encourages women struggling to find balance at home to speak up and be honest, even if it feels uncomfortable. "I guarantee if you feel it's not working, your partner is for sure thinking it's not working." Having that talk allows you to both change the course and "Get It Together."

Eirene launched her business after experiencing her own anxiety as a new mother, longing to feel comfortable in her new role and to make time for the activities and self-care that made her happy.

Pro Tip: Wine helps!

Let Eirene help you discover the right tools for finding that freedom and creating family balance by visiting her at GitMom.com.

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Jessica Acree
All about the pro tips over here! It's hard to have those hard conversations, but it's better to be honest and work through it together for SURE... saves SO much hassle and miscommunication. Thanks for the reminder Eirene Heidelberger!
Eirene Heidelberger
Thank you for your kind words!
Jessica Acree
It was truly my pleasure!
Elisa Schmitz
Always so much fun with the irrepressible Eirene Heidelberger ! ❤️
Jessica Acree
What a great adjective! Love your enthusiasm Eirene Heidelberger (you too Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds!)
Eirene Heidelberger
Love that adjective too ladies!

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