Single Parent Worries: I Didn't Need to Worry, the Kids Are All Right by Dawn Taylor

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5 years ago

Single Parent Worries: I Didn't Need to Worry, the Kids Are All Right

As a single parent there are moments of "I suck at this" and "I can't do it." "My kids hate me." And I ask myself, "Am I enough??" 

Parenting solo comes with the responsibility of making every decision. When I mess up, I can't blame anyone else. It's all me.  When you have to take care of everything the guilt factor is magnified because you spread yourself thin and wonder if your kids are getting enough attention. Quality over quantity, I always say. Sometimes that consists of myself and my two daughters bickering. Eye rolling. Me nagging them about chores and arguing about something ridiculous. Quality, because it is real

When I realize I am their biggest influence, I think, "Uh oh!" What if they get all the bad stuff. 

Recently I looked at my girls (13 and 14) and saw something that I recognized as a definite "me" trait.  Both girls have been through so much in their young lives, but are always top of their class, and recently after putting in extra time and effort to better themselves in their sports of choice, are now excelling there, too. They are lovely, strong young women. 

What did it take? Tenacity. 

They are killing it. I am killing it.

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Elisa Schmitz
Single parents are the real MVPs. Thank you for all you do. I’ve been there and know how hard it is. Your kids are very lucky to have an amazing mom like you! ❤️
Dawn Taylor
thank you for saying that, I don't always feel like the best mom but my heart and soul are in this role and I just want them to have the best opportunities despite a tough start

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