#30Seconds Live: Let Discovery Toys Personalize Your Child's Playtime by Jessica Acree

Discovery Toys takes the guesswork out of playtime by creating toys, books, games and music that teach kids valuable skills without sacrificing fun. Rachel Harris and her son showed off a few of their popular products with 30Seconds Live at the Chicago Baby Show

Colorful, versatile and easy to wash, each one is designed to grow with your child through the various stages of learning. From teethers like the Super Yummy with multiple textures and a big handle for little hands to the Try-Angle with six unique panels and a smart folding design. "You can truly play with it in so many different ways!" says Rachel.

Take peek-a-boo to a whole new level with the Hide Inside Cottage. It comes with six cute animals, all with a different feel, sound and shape. Great for sensory play and object permanence, too! "It can go in the house and then it's gone! Where did it go?"

Discovery Toys now has a new, easy-to-use Special Needs Toy Guide, too. As Rachel explains, "Children progress at very different rates. This really helps hone in on what toy will help develop that particular skill." Because bottom line, every child matters!

Head over to DiscoveryToys.net to connect with an educational consultant.

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Elisa Schmitz
Discovery Toys are awesome! It was great to learn more about them from Rachel and her adorable son. Thank you for this great piece, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
I love thoughtful toys that are as much about education as they are about playtime fun... they're definitely the ones with staying power!

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