Learning to Make a Difference: How to Instill a Volunteer Spirit in Our Kids by Melinda Sharp

Single Moms Parenting
4 years ago
Learning to Make a Difference: How to Instill a Volunteer Spirit in Our Kids

Being a single parent offers an amazing opportunity to teach your children many things. The most important thing my children learned from me was to develop a solid work ethic and how to make a difference as a volunteer.

As a single parent, money was tight, and I immediately set out to get a full-time job. However, it was hard for me to give up my volunteer roles in the PTA (yes, I was one of those moms) and coaching. I was also a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). I settled on one or two, and by managing my time (usually) my children watched – and learned.

As a family we would volunteer serving at the homeless shelter meals program. Now they both are adults who also work full-time challenging jobs – and manage to volunteer, too. My son volunteers working with veterans in hospice (he is a veteran Marine) and my daughter volunteers with animal programs and at the zoo.

Try to remember: we are better when we share our talents with others, even when we are worn out and just need an hour to relax in a hot bath.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
So true, Melinda Sharp ! Welcome to our community of writers.
Renee Herren
"The most important thing my children learned from me was to develop a solid work ethic and how to make a difference as a volunteer." How great is that!? Melinda, I am so glad to "see" you here!
We are definitely better when we share our talents with others. This is great.
Cynthia Miller
I really like this. Volunteering teaches such empathy and gives a broad perspective. It's easy to be wrapped up in our own worlds. I like the way you framed this - (1) that learning to volunteer was the most important things your kids learned from you (WOW THAT IS A POWERFUL STATEMENT) and (2) that you CAN be an overwhelmed mom and carve out time for this simply by prioritizing. We volunteer at the animal shelter but sometimes I slack off in my overwhelmed-ness. Thank you for this thoughtful share!
Melinda Sharp
Thank you for your comment and support. I found myself just in survival mode most days and volunteering was my sanity saver! I was lucky that my kids enjoyed our time together.
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
What a beautiful and powerful story, Melinda Sharp ! You’re an amazing mother. I was a single mom for a while, too, so I know how hard it is. You set a wonderful example for your children with values that will last a lifetime. ❤️
Sheri B Doyle
@melindaSharp Thank you for what you do to make a difference in this world and for this tip. Leading by example is a great way to teach our children and to better our world!

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