Don't Let Money Keep You From Traveling: 6 Tips to Help Make Your Dreams Reality! by Sheri B Doyle

2 years ago
Don't Let Money Keep You From Traveling: 6 Tips to Help Make Your Dreams Reality!

Are finances holding you back from some of the experiences you dream of? Don’t let it keep you from realizing your dreams. Here are some ways to make your dreams a reality without robbing a bank:

  • Instead of gifts for holidays ask for donations for your trip. Every year our family gives my parents money toward their dream trips for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother's and Father's Day.
  • Find more local ways to have your experience. If you can’t make it to Costa Rica to paddle board why not check out North Carolina, Maine, California, Colorado or Utah? Or even a local lake or river near you.
  • Take local courses that can teach you the skill you want to do on vacation and then when you travel you are a master.
  • Volunteer travel. Many nonprofits will house and feed you if you pay for the flight. It is a great way to have an experience, do good and save money. Try contacting vineyards to see if you can help during harvest season or find a research company who needs help diving or snorkeling to collect data.
  • Find deals at smaller airports, travel off-season and look for airlines adding new routes. Last year a small airport in New England ran roundtrip flight specials to Dublin for under $300 per person to roll out their new route. If you go just after high-season to the destination you can save tons of money on hotels and experiences.
  • Pet sitting or boarding is too expensive. Can you trade babysitting or pet sitting with a friend? My son is able to fly his father-in-law to their house to watch their dogs for a fraction of what pet sitting or boarding would cost.

What is your dream vacation?

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Renee Herren
These are great tips! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to learn more from you in a couple of weeks during your 30Seconds Twitter Chat!
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Great ideas, Sheri B Doyle ! I love the money for travel instead of gifts, and also the pet-sitting swaps. So true. We have paid so much to board our dog in the past (now, my daughter has her at college!). Thanks for the inspiration!

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