For Great Relationships, You Must Say Everything That Matters (But Not Everything!) by Jennifer Coken

5 years ago

For Great Relationships, You Must Say Everything That Matters (But Not Everything!)

When I say, “say everything that matters,” I don’t mean say everything that is in your head. Some of your thoughts aren’t worth repeating or communicating. Some things you just shouldn’t say.

What if we really said everything we were thinking? We’d have no friends and our families would disown us. Let’s be real.

If you are causal with your words, your words create casualties.

When you see someone going in the wrong direction, being able to assertively and respectfully approach them and say what everyone else is thinking is the hallmark of a great leader.

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Elisa Schmitz
“If you are causal with your words, your words create casualties.” Yes! Words matter. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer Coken !
Donna John
Yes, words matter ... a lot. Great advice here, Jennifer Coken .
Jennifer Coken
Oh the times I have not said the right thing!
Jessica Acree
Simple truth! It's easy to speak too soon and not evaluate the quality or impact of the words you're so quick to say (or not say!)
Jennifer Coken
So true. And how many times have we thought about the thing we shoulda, woulda, coulda said that in hindsight woulda made THE difference for us or something else??

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