#30Seconds Live: The Chicago Baby Show With Titus Tse From Coral UV! by Elisa Schmitz

#30Seconds Live
5 years ago

Coral UV is a brand-new product that is really exciting because you can literally sterilize anything. 30Seconds got the chance to chat with Titus Tse, a father and the mastermind behind the Coral UV sanitizing and drying system, at the Chicago Baby Show at Navy Pier.

“You can sterilize almost anything you can imagine,” says Titus. “If you can fit it in there, you can sterilize it. Now, except for food.” This innovative product lets you sterilize items like:

  • cell phones
  • makeup brushes
  • makeup kits
  • remote controls
  • gadgets
  • toothbrushes
  • video game controllers

But for new parents, it’s a godsend. Parents and caregivers can sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers – anything that gets germs on it that's around your baby. Think about those plush toys and rattles. You can sterilize anything your baby licks or puts in his mouth. (And they do lick everything!)

Coral UV uses dual Philips UV light, one of the top UV light bulbs. It also has a protective cover to defend the light bulbs from external damage. The touch screen control, with a time countdown display, make Coral UV very user friendly for anyone to use. Titus says the machine is similar to the ones used in nail salons and hospitals to sterilize their equipment. We love it!

To learn more about the Coral UV, visit CoralUV.co.

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