Give Your Kids a Cell Phone So You Can Talk to Them More (Yeah, Right!) by Dawn Taylor

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a year ago
Give Your Kids a Cell Phone So You Can Talk to Them More (Yeah, Right!)

As soon as my girls started campaigning for cell phones, I put it off as long as possible. "But all the kids have them!!" my two preteens cried.

"If they jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?" I asked, using the age-old parental retort.

"Mom, that's just stupid, who would do that?" Together they'd stomp off dreaming of the day their mom wasn't such a smart ass.

Then I started thinking how nice it would be to be able text them and have them text me at random times. Life is busy, so that was a selling point knowing I would get to hear from throughout the day. I could text them a lot ... and use cool emojis. 

So, I caved. And what wonderful texts I receive every day.

  • "Mom, there isn't any toilet paper in this bathroom," was a recent one from one floor up.
  • "Mom, we need snacks."
  • "Mom, you forgot to sign my permission slip. Drop it of by lunch."
  • "Mom, Peyton is playing her music too loud. Tell her to stop."
  • "Mom, can I go the movies?"

Ugh. Not really conversation. And they claim I send too many emojis. Sigh.

One good thing about their cell phones? If they are being bratty, I just threaten to take the phones away. And sometimes I do! (Insert laughing emoji with tears here.)

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Donna John
LOL! Love this! My kids are older, so I love that I hear from them randomly throughout the day. I recently discovered the .gif, which I'm sure is annoying them because I overuse it. They ask me a question, and they get Snoop Dogg nodding as an answer. :-) Fun. Rock those emojis, Dawn Taylor !
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Ha! This is great, Dawn Taylor . You are so right. It gets better as they get older, I think. And Donna John , I am LOL about the .gifs! Renee Herren also is the queen of making me LOL with a great one!

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