Like Historical Fiction? Here Are a Few Books to Add to Your Reading List by Terri Kendrick

5 years ago

Like Historical Fiction? Here Are a Few Books to Add to Your Reading List

When I worked at an art museum, I read a few historical fiction novels about artists, but admittedly, I had only dipped a toe into this genre. Then, before a trip to Hawaii a few years ago, my husband encouraged me to read James A. Michener’s Hawaii. I took his advice and started the massive tome a few weeks before we left, but the beginning was far too heavy on geography and science and far too light on story to keep my interest. I put the book down and headed to Hawaii instead.

Once there, I was so fascinated by the Hawaiian culture and the people that I picked "Hawaii" back up again after our trip. I read it all the way to the end (not quickly mind you – it’s 937 pages!). Thanks to the combination of Hawaii, which lasted through the war years, and a trip to the Pearl Harbor while in Honolulu, I was surprised to find that I was fascinated with World War II. A visit to Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam a year later cemented that interest. Since then, I’ve read The Nightingale, Lilac Girls, All the Light We Cannot See and more.

Last week while on vacation, I asked my Facebook friends for recommendations on books about WWII or other historical fiction to read on the beach. Since avid readers love to share what they’ve read, I received a deluge of suggestions. Here are some of the many historical fiction books my friends loved. I hope you do too! (Please share your historical fiction favorites below!)

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Donna John
I was at a bookstore when your Facebook thread started, and bought "Year of Wonders," as you can see in the main photo. :-) Have to finish up another book already started, but hope to read it soon. Love your list! Terri Jones
Terri Kendrick
That rec was from another 30 seconds writer, Stephanie Mallory! (It won't let me tag her with the @ symbol!!)
Great suggestions!
Elisa Schmitz
Love this list, thank you! Need more reading time. Terri Jones Stephanie Mallory Donna John
Sheri B Doyle
What great suggestions. I need a new book to read.
Donna John
Just started "Year of Wonders." Thanks for the suggestion!
Dieter Schmitz
Gotta add “Hamilton” ... not just the musical but the historic tale!
Thanks for your list! I also envy you very much that you visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. After reading her biography and diary, it feels like my worldview has changed. I was so inspired by this personality that I decided to write an essay in which I want to reveal my vision of her personality.
I read some essays about her here , and even found some similarities between us, which inspires me even more.
Sara Geller
It's so interesting!
Interesting. Thank you very much for the information.

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