Kids Learning to Share: Parents, Are We Teaching Our Kids to Share the Important Things? by Roma Khetarpal

2 years ago

Kids Learning to Share: Parents, Are We Teaching Our Kids to Share the Important Things?

We are constantly nudging our kids to share. When they don’t, we are quick to remind them that their behavior is selfish. Our goal is to teach our kids that by sharing, we foster connections through consideration, kindness and generosity. Yet, there are certain other things that we never advocate sharing. 

Considering opening up the discussion with your kids about sharing the following:

  • Money: If money is a day-to-day topic of discussion, and we ourselves are not defined by it, neither will our kids be shackled by it. Give your kids the freedom to talk about and share their money.
  • Time: Get yourself and your kids off the clock. They will start to share off-the-clock time with their siblings, friends and peers. Most importantly, they will learn what unscheduled time feels like.
  • Emotional Honesty: Be honest about what you are feeling. It will help your kids open up about their own feelings and help them feel better about them.
  • Disclosures of Weakness: Let your kids know what your own weaknesses are, which ones you have let go of and which you are striving to change.

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Elisa Schmitz
Excellent points, Roma Khetarpal ! Sharing comes in all forms. Thank you for your insights. They are truly meaningful! Tools Of Growth
Cynthia Miller
SO true about being open about our emotions. We preach to our kids to talk about their emotions -- but they will emulate us if we simply talk about them!

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