Self-Help (Blah, Blah, Blah): Maybe You're Exactly Who You Need to Be! by Susan Carroll

5 years ago

Self-Help (Blah, Blah, Blah): Maybe You're Exactly Who You Need to Be!

Personal growth, self-help, being the best version of yourself is awesome – until it’s not. The personal growth industry is starting to feel like the trap the beauty industry has had so many of us in for years. Instead of becoming thinner, having softer hair and having pouty lips, you’re asked to find more joy, become more efficient, be less judgmental and find your purpose. We’re already bombarded by advertisements about changing our outsides and now we’re also bombarded with messaging to change our insides, too. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m just tired of it all. Maybe it’s time to stop and look at your life and notice that it isn’t a complete mess. I bet you:

  • Said something kind to someone today. 
  • Opened a door for another.
  • Did laundry.
  • Got to work on time.
  • Put a meal on the table.
  • Or got takeout instead.
  • Took a walk.
  • Played with your kids.
  • Watered the plants.
  • Paid the bills.  
  • Or at least partially paid.

Life isn't supposed to always feel like rainbows nor feel like you're constantly being dragged through the mud. Maybe who you are right now isn’t actually a problem; nothing needs to be fixed and you're exactly who you need to be.

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Donna John
Cannot tell you how much I love this tip, Susan Carroll . I was just thinking the other day, why do we need to be reminded every single day with quotes, memes, etc., that we got this? That we're good enough. That we matter? It's sad how quickly we forget and that daily reminders are needed that we're OK the way we are.
Susan Carroll
I'm glad you liked this Donna! We DO have this and we are ok. We gotta spread the word. :)
Elisa Schmitz
Wow, what a refreshing perspective! You're right, we seem to need that feedback or validation that we are good enough, happy enough, etc. Where's the inner voice that says all is well, just as we are? I'm going to work on this, Susan Masterson , thank you!
Susan Carroll
Elisa- Our deep inner voice knows we are well, it's that pesky inner critic that doesn't think so. The good news is that our inner voice is usually calm and more relaxed. We need to listen to her more. She knows the way.
Roxane Goss
Such a great tip Susan Carroll!! Thanks for sharing it.
Susan Carroll
Absolutely Roxane!!!
Kandice Cole
This is a brillian perspective Susan and really rooted in the idea of being mindful. Letting life be without trying to change or fix it!
Susan Carroll
Thank you Kandice. It came from own frustration of always trying to change something. I’m finding more and more if I let things be, everything is just fine. 😊

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