Teachable Moments: How Lucky We Are to Be There When Our Children Learn Life Lessons by Carrie Watts

4 years ago
Teachable Moments: How Lucky We Are to Be There When Our Children Learn Life Lessons

We often wonder if what we say to our children makes an impression. Are they learning what we try to teach about compassion and concern for others? I was lucky enough to see first hand. 

My eldest son has a long-time friend whose name is never far removed from the stories of his day. Tonight, she sent him several messages in a row saying she needed to speak with him about Roblox. We were heading upstairs to bed, so he said he’d speak with her tomorrow. Then he off-handedly said that she’d "had a rough day." 

I asked if she was OK. “Why wouldn’t she be?” he asked, as he started up the stairs. Being autistic, when he has a plan in progress, he sticks to it rigidly; plans protect his sense of security. He also doesn’t easily pick up on social cues. So, I felt blessed to be there to explain that people only say things like, “I had a rough day,” when they need you. 

I saw him fight with his need for routine and this new information and choose to sit back down to ask if she was OK. I listened while she cried, and he spoke to her calmly, working out what she needed and doing it. And I swelled with pride as he made her laugh so that her day ended happily. 

My son, I could not be prouder.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is such a wonderful story, Carrie Watts . I love seeing the world through your son's eyes. It gives me so much hope. Thank you for sharing!
Carrie Watts
Thank you, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds . His perspective always surprises and informs me.
Kandice Cole
This is beautiful THank you for sharing!

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