When Your Kids Behave for Everyone Except You: One Dad’s Thoughts on What It All Means by Cassidy Mock

2 years ago

When Your Kids Behave for Everyone Except You: One Dad’s Thoughts on What It All Means

One of the things that astonishes me when I talk to people who have interacted with my kids (teachers, coaches, etc.) is just how respectful, polite and well behaved they are. The same thought always runs through my mind: “My kids?”

It used to boggle my mind, the idea of my kids being so awesome for others while they were terrors for me. It’s especially hard being a law enforcement officer, commanding a level of respect while on duty, only to come home and be disrespected and screamed at by my own children. But a couple of years ago I came to a personal conclusion that helped me greatly; when I walk through that door, I had better have flipped that switch off. You’re “Dad” now, and that badge means nothing here.

I am very proud that everyone they meet thinks they’re great kids. It’s what every parent should want, right? I can forgive the attitudes that I get because to me it shows that they love their mother and me. They are secure enough to push our buttons because at the end of the day they know we will still love them, no matter what.

And that love is returned in the end, when the last thing I hear from each of them before bed is, “I love you, Dad.”

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Ann Marie Patitucci
I just love this, Cassidy Mock ! I think many parents can relate- I know I can! Welcome to our community of writers at 30Seconds . We're glad to have you!
How awesome! 👍
Elisa Schmitz
YES! I think you're right, Cassidy Mock - kids feel most comfortable with parents, and that's why they let us have it, LOL! We are their safe place. Thanks for sharing this great perspective, and welcome to 30Seconds. So excited to read more from you!
Jessica Acree
Oh good, it’s not just me! 🤣🤣
Dieter Schmitz
This is a great perspective on parenting Cassidy Mock One of my sisters is a state trooper (in Minnesota) and she, too, tries to balance the badge with the brood!
Dawn Taylor
Same thing at my house (worse as little kids) and the way I’ve always looked at it is, that they need to let out all their insecurities, stress and anger from anything lingering from their daytime world that they had to battle alone and home is a safe place to do that.
They know when to curb their behavior and that’s what matters. You have great kids, we miss them as neighbors, they were the same as mine always full of energy and fun! You’re doing a great job and they will turn out fine!

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