My Dream Job: The Journey to Becoming Mrs. Davis, Third Grade Teacher by Melinda Davis

My Dream Job: The Journey to Becoming Mrs. Davis, Third Grade Teacher

In a few days my 5-year-old dream will become reality. There is no greater feeling than being proud of yourself. If you're a parent, like me, you may not experience this feeling often.

How often do you stop to be proud of YOU?

It was a great feeling laughing during my interview. Leaving the interview with wobbly legs, I hopped in my car with a huge smile and called my husband and then my sister. In that moment I realized everything everyone has ever said about me was true. I was already a teacher; I just needed students and a room. 

Getting the phone call to teach a lesson wasn't so scary. It was teaching in front of 10 future colleagues that was, but I totally rocked my Earth Day lesson! After the lesson is when it hit me: I was proud of myself!

Next was a call to meet the superintendent, when I was offered a position and proudly accepted my dream job: third grade teacher for fall 2018!

And now I am anxiously waiting for September to meet my hive of buzzy bees. Until then, I'll be buzzy planning for my first day in third grade when I will be officially known as Mrs. Davis!

What is your dream? I hope you'll go for it like I did!

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Elisa Schmitz
OMG, I love this! You go, Melinda Davis ! What a great dream you had, and I'm so happy that you made it come true. I am living my dream job, here at 30Seconds. It's so much work but so much joy. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us, and welcome to 30Seconds. Can't wait to read more from you!
Sheri B Doyle
Congratulations! Your class is so lucky to have a passionate teacher like yourself. Your excitement is contagious.

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