Do Your Kids Have a Fortnite Video Game Obsession? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Keep Them Safe When Gaming Online by Rachael Daniels CPNP-PC, CLC

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5 years ago

Do Your Kids Have a Fortnite Video Game Obsession? Here Are 5 Tips to Help Keep Them Safe When Gaming Online

The video game Fortnite has become an obsession for many of my son's friends. So much so that he, at age 8, cannot wait to get his hands on an XBox, Playstation – any gaming system – in the hopes that I will let him play. I have a few concerns about Fortnite and gaming online, so I thought I would look into it.

According to Common Sense Media, Fortnite should not be played by children younger than 13 because of the open chat feature and action violence. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends co-viewing and co-playing video games that contain virtual violence with your children, and does not recommend exposure to such games younger than age 6 because a 6-year-old cannot decipher reality from fantasy.

What can parents do to keep kids safe in a virtual world video game such as Fortnite?

  • Be mindful of kids' media/gaming consumption and watch and play with them.
  • Know that there is a proven scientific link between virtual violence exposure and real-world aggression.
  • Kids should not be exposed to video games where humans or living targets are shot for points.
  • Know who your children are online with, especially when they can be "dropped" into a game such as Battle Royale with other players.
  • Talk to your children about your concerns and risks they may encounter while playing this game.

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Elisa Schmitz
I have heard so much about Fortnite and I have to say, I'm glad this came about when my kids were a bit older. When they were young the big game was Minecraft, which is not violent like this one. I worry so much about our kids, growing up in this environment. Thank you for sharing these great tips, Rachael Daniels CPNP-PC, CPEN !
Mike Prochaska
I won’t let my kids play
Nice article!
I agree with you that it is very important to monitor the type of video games that kids play. You can select some sports and racing genre games for the kids and some games that have more science fictions so that it can help the children build more cognitive skills and improve the brain simulation. You can get a huge variety of video games from online stores like the Steam, Instant-gaming (), etc. where you can select the type of games you want from different genre.

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