Parenting Wisdom: Things I Have Learned From the First Kid to the Fourth (So Far!) by Dawn Taylor

5 years ago

Parenting Wisdom: Things I Have Learned From the First Kid to the Fourth (So Far!)

I have four kids ranging in age from 28 to 13, so I'm still learning how to parent. Though far from an expert, I do have my top five list to share:

  • Let kids make mistakes. I remember early on wanting to fix everything. By doing that I missed out on teaching what it means to fail. When they do fail give them support but don't fix things, and always ask them to problem solve themselves.
  • Let them be themselves. Trying to fit in is hard enough. Do not, I repeat, do not set your own expectations on them for who they are. Love them exactly as they are and they will thrive. I have seen dramatic growth in my kids once I stepped back and allowed them to just "be."
  • Pick your battles. I am telling you, some things just aren't worth fighting over. The mess they left in the kitchen might drive you crazy, but fighting about it isn't worth it. Remind them they need to clean up their own mess, but avoid all-out war.
  • Teach them manners. It seems like a given, but you'd be surprised how often people will say how polite my kids are. It is a huge parenting win.
  • Step in if you have to. Be an advocate. Standing up for them is sometimes necessary. Do not apologize.

That's it so far!

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Elisa Schmitz
Truth! Letting them make mistakes and be themselves - so key. We as parents want to prevent them from getting hurt, but mistakes is how we all learn. Great tip, Dawn Taylor !

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