Before & After Photos: It's OK to Share the "Before" & Love Yourself Right Now! by Courtney Battista Bish

a year ago
Before & After Photos: It's OK to Share the "Before" & Love Yourself Right Now!

I love my friends who have had dramatic weight loss and their photos. I'm proud of you and your journey! (All the happy, but a little jealous … whatever.)

But it's OK to post photos of yourself when you're not there yet. When you're the "before" photo. When you have 30, 50, 100-plus pounds to go in your journey. With leftover weight from that big old baby two years ago (or that big old pizza last week, no judgment here). Where you've had a bad hair day or you're not in the size clothes you want to be in. 

Love yourself anyhow because after you're gone, people aren't going to talk about how you needed to lose weight or needed a new haircut or different clothes. That's just the window dressing of your life. 

So here's me. The "before" where maybe someday there will be an "after." In the meantime, I'll enjoy this time in my life (and that bowl of ice cream). Perfection is overrated, anyhow.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
You look GORGEOUS in this photo, Courtney Battista Bish ! I'm so glad you shared this. You are spot on. Thank you for the no-judgement reminder to love yourself NOW! xoxo
Terri Jones
I love this post! With today's phone cameras that let us erase all the "oh, no, not that one!" pix, you're right that we lose the records of our true, unedited selves.
Tracey Hempenstall
I loved this post! So true to love yourself NOW. I have loads of single friends who are always working out and look amazing. I still have a lot of baby weight to lose (and my baby is 2.5 yrs old) but I’m doing what I can. In ten years when I look back at pictures hopefully I’ll focus on how big I’m smiling instead of size of my belly 🤞❤️😍
Courtney Battista Bish
I agree, Tracey- and mine is 22 months :) Take the photos and don't judge yourself too harshly!

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