Every Kid Deserves to Experience Life As an Only Child (Even for Only an Hour a Month!) by Tanya Kuzmanovic

5 years ago

Every Kid Deserves to Experience Life As an Only Child (Even for Only an Hour a Month!)

As a mother of three, I want to remind my kids that each of them is my own personal favorite. It might seem time consuming, even impossible considering I have a small brood, but it isn't. Because it doesn't take grand gestures or lots of cash to shine a spotlight on your kid. In fact, it's the little things that work best. Here are six ordinary ways I make each of my kids feel special:

  • I tell them they have an appointment on a specific day at lunch time (they don’t). Then I swing by school and instead take them for a bite to eat at their favorite restaurant – just the two of us.
  • I ask my kid to pick a show (even “Caillou!”) and we sit down and watch it together.
  • When my kid brings home artwork they are proud of or worked hard on, I surprise them by framing it and hanging it in our home for all to see.
  • Private jokes are the cornerstone of any strong and meaningful relationship. So, I make sure there are plenty between me and each of my kids.
  • Whatever's on my to-do list (errands, baking, grocery shopping), I ask one of my kids to tag along and help me.
  • Two words: ice cream. Anytime, anywhere. What kid doesn't feel special with a melting ice cream cone in hand?

How do you make your kids feel special?

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Donna John
One-on-one time is so important. I used to do the same thing with my kids, pick one of them up from school for no reason and spend some time with them. I still make sure to spend time with each of them alone even now that they're grown. There's a whole different dynamic when all three are together.
Elisa Schmitz
Couldn't agree more, Tanya Kuzmanovic . Both parents and kids alike cherish that one-on-one time. Special memories are made in those moments and you get to know each other in a way you can't when the family is always together.

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