DIY Bean Bag Chairs: How to Refill a Bean Bag & Bring It Back to Life in 5 Easy Steps! by Renee Herren

4 years ago
DIY Bean Bag Chairs: How to Refill a Bean Bag & Bring It Back to Life in 5 Easy Steps!

Do you have a bean bag that used to be lively and comfortable to sit in but now it’s flat and deflated? Don’t worry! You know those millions of plastic grocery bags that you keep meaning to take back to the store to recycle? You can use those to help bring your bean bag chair back to life!

  • Collect all of the plastic bags that you can. Make sure you have a lot! Gather what you think you need and then triple it! 
  • Turn the bean bag chair upside down and shake the filling away from the zipper.
  • Slide one end of a paperclip into the hole of the zipper and pull down to open the zipper. If your chair has two zippers, use the paperclip to open the second zipper also. Be careful to not let any of the little beans escape! They have the potential to make a huge mess!
  • Now all you have to do is add your bags! As you add the bags, push them into different parts of the chair: the back, arms and bottom.
  • When you finish stuffing your bean bag, pull the zipper closed with the paperclip and voila!

You can now enjoy your bean bag chair again! If the chair begins to flatten, just add more bags!

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Donna John
Great idea, Renee Herren . My grandson has wanted a bean bag chair for a while. Thanks for the reminder that grandma dropped the ball. :-)
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
How smart, Renee Herren ! Great way to get rid of plastic bags so they don't harm the environment, too. Love this DIY project!
Dawn Taylor
I recently posted a tip about using an old mattress topper to fill a beanbag chair cover. (I purchased the cover without the filling) I hated to see a perfectly good topper go to waste) mom: How to Repurpose Old Mattress Toppers: Here's a Fun Way to Recycle a Mattress Topper Into Something Functional for Kids & Adults
This would work for one you already own, too! I also stuffed old sheets, towels and clothing we were done with that weren't in good enough condition to thrift. They added extra filler and my teens love their chairs!!

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