Walking Between the Raindrops: How to Embrace Life's Magical Possibilities by Meredith Newlin

a year ago
Walking Between the Raindrops: How to Embrace Life's Magical Possibilities

Raindrops come in all different forms: the driving, hard and even freezing rain; the soft, gentle, refreshing summer rain; the healing rain after a long drought; and the dangerous, flooding, powerful rain that comes down so hard and fast it has the power to destroy life. Sometimes it rains even when the sun is shining, and the anomaly of that phenomenon is something that can bewilder, bewitch and beguile. Raindrops can sting – and raindrops can refresh.

Of course, to walk between the raindrops is impossible, at least in a literal sense. To walk between the raindrops is something a child, like my 4-year-old, might try to do as she skips, giggles and scurries, filled with an innocent belief in magical possibilities.

In life, in parenting and in teaching, I’m happiest when I attempt to walk between those raindrops of life, acquiescing to their power and necessity but not allowing myself to be washed away along with them. Between the raindrops, life’s rainy days force us to stop. We know we need the rainy days. Sometimes rainy days give us a wonderful sense of peace, a release from the pressure of having to try so hard. Sometimes they have a sneaky way of bringing us down.

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This is so nice
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
"Raindrops can sting – and raindrops can refresh." Truth. Thank you for this beautifully powerful post, Meredith Newlin ! Meredith Newlin

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