College Bound Kid? How & Why to Check Your Parenting Boundaries by Roma Khetarpal

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2 years ago
College Bound Kid? How & Why to Check Your Parenting Boundaries

We spend 18 years preparing our kids for being on their own, and that includes going to college. Still, it’s hard to stop ourselves from stepping in, just when we should be letting go. Here are some ways to ease the transition – for them and for us.

  • Let the kids choose their own classes. Their advisors are there to help them with this.
  • Quit nagging. It’s the easiest way to shut down communication.
  • Don't obsess about grades. If you constantly ask how they did on a test, it only puts added pressure on them.
  • They really don’t need everything on the what-to-take list.
  • Stay out of roommate issues. This is problem solving at its finest.
  • Do not expect to hear from your kids every day. Be grateful to hear from them whenever they call, without guilt trips or shaming.
  • Feeling homesick doesn’t mean they should come home. A little homesickness will make those school breaks all the sweeter.

Yes, our babies are leaving home, and we can’t help being emotional about that. But this is exactly what we’ve prepared them to do. We’ve raised young adults who are capable of figuring out things for themselves. Now let’s take a step back and let them do just that.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
YES! Wow, so well said, Roma Khetarpal . We have six kids in college, so trust me, I know how great your advice is. Thank you! Tools Of Growth
Mike Prochaska
Yes college a lot more then just taking classes it learning to live life

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