GizmoGadget From Verizon: Could This Technology Be Right for Your Family? by Denise Mantell

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5 years ago

GizmoGadget From Verizon: Could This Technology Be Right for Your Family?

My daughter just turned 9 and is aware of all the technology that’s around. I want to avoid it as long as possible. 

She has a Kindle Fire with Free Time that I love. It’s kid friendly and perfect for her age. She also has an old phone that she uses like an iTouch. I recently set up a child Gmail account that I monitor so she can text and FaceTime friends. I’m comfortable with this tech and the limits we have on screentime.

This year, she has to walk to school. We live a mile away with a main road to cross. Kids in my district have walked safely for years starting at fourth grade. But they weren’t my baby. I’m petrified.

I’m also not ready to go down the phone road yet. I found my answer in a GizmoGadget. Yes, that’s the actual name. It’s a watch that stores up to 10 contacts. She can call any of them in an emergency. She can also text or check-in with anyone labeled as a caregiver. It has a GPS tracker and other safety features. I can set a to-do list or quiet hours and turn it off from an app on my phone.

My daughter thinks it’s great because it has themes, a step tracker and fun emojis. I have peace of mind, and she has a new gadget that she loves. It’s a win-win!

Could it be a win for you?

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow, you have really done a great job with kids and technology, Denise Mantell ! I love all of these ideas. The Verizon GizmoGadget sounds perfect for kids your daughter's age!
Denise Mantell
Thanks so much, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds! I am trying so hard to give my girls the benefits & avoid the scary as much as I can. It’s frightening!
Ann Marie Patitucci
This sounds fantastic, Denise Mantell ! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Denise Mantell
Once I had it, I thought that there must be so many people having the same dilemma as I was. I hope it can help them as well.
Mike Prochaska
Now this I would get so much better then a phone
Denise Mantell
So far, we are all big fans, Mike Prochaska ! I hope it’s helpful to you.

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