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a year ago
Parenting in the Social Media Age: Let's Be Kinder to Each Other & Stop Parent Shaming

Most parents may have done it: thoughtfully reviewed several photos before posting the one that doesn't have a messy house in the background, or where the car seat buckles are perfect or where only nicely-staged, homemade food is in front of their kids. Because if you post a photo that doesn't meet that criteria? Welcome to parenting in the social media age, where people co-parent with you from behind their computer screens.

In the past two years, I've had comments or messages letting me know that my son shouldn't be doing this or should be eating that. I know my friends and family do this, mostly, out of a place of love. But, barring those situations where our child is precariously dangling off a cliff, holding a beer at a bar or riding unbuckled in a moving car, can we assume the parents in our lives are doing their best?

Let's commit to finding the good in each other as parents, and less time on critiquing each other. Because parenting is hard enough, right?

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Oh, you said it! You are spot on. Thank you for sharing this. Let's help end parent shaming! We're all in this together.
Mike Prochaska
Stop caring what others think and enjoy being a parent
Erin Musto
I agree ♡... we are all doing the best with the lives we are handed...
Mike Prochaska
Amen but I try not to care what they think but

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