Cameras Are Our Time Machines: Why I Never Leave Home Without My Camera & Always Snap One More Photo by MomThoughts

5 years ago

Cameras Are Our Time Machines: Why I Never Leave Home Without My Camera & Always Snap One More Photo

Photographs have the unique gift of taking us back in time, of capturing a moment as it was and as we were. Memory is a fickle thing, it's subject to time and perception and our complicated brains. Photographs are just that – snapshots of a world frozen in place. And cameras are our time machines. 

I am the friend you may regret bringing with you on a hike, while I lag behind to take photos of flowers. I'm that friend who says, "Let's take one more selfie." I take photos of old homes and glowing sunrises. I take candid photos and posed photos, photos of my family, photos of my life. And I don't regret any of it.

When I look back at those photos, I remember the moments as they were. They evoke feelings I'd forgotten, like the sound of the rain or the smell of a campfire. My memories are contained in time, just as they were, even as everything around me changes. They remain ever the same.

I won't ever regret being that friend who says, "Just one more photo."

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! Exactly how I feel. Thank you for reinforcing the idea that it's OK to snap just one more photo. So glad to know I'm not alone! Love this post, thank you.
This is me! If there isn’t a pic- it didn’t happen! I love having photos to look back at and reminisce!
Jessica Acree
LOVE THIS.... this is totally me, I can instantly be taken back to a moment lost in time and it's why I do it :) You're in my head girl... it's awesome. Loving your tips :)

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