International Drop a Rock Day: Help Spread the Message That "You Matter" by Renee

International Drop a Rock Day: Help Spread the Message That "You Matter"

The third annual International Drop a Rock Day is almost here! On July 3, people from all over the world, many of whom belong to rock painting groups, will paint and hide rocks for others to find. What’s special about the rocks hidden on International Drop a Rock Day is that they all have the same message. The theme this year is “You Matter.” 

The purpose of painting and hiding a rock with "You Matter" is to bring hope to those who might be discouraged or questioning their significance in the world. By sharing a simple message – you matter – you have the opportunity to be a positive influence in someone’s life. Finding a painted rock by chance might just be the reminder that lifts the finder’s spirits and brightens their outlook.

A simple act of kindness can make a powerful impact, so please join me on July 3 and make a difference!

Happy rock painting, hiding and possibly finding! Remember: You matter!

Please post photos of your "You Matter" rocks below!

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Donna John
Absolutely love this, Renee Herren ! Going to grab some rocks from my yard and paint them with my grandson this weekend.
I plan on droppping my rocks at a local park, on my neighborhood trails, and while running errands!
Holly Budde
this is such a neat idea for the tweens to get involved in. Had No idea there was drop a rock day! I’m going to tell T and her buddies about this today. We’ll be dropping rocks too. Thanks for a great project Idea Renee !
Elisa Schmitz
I love this SO much! What a great way to do a random act of kindness and make someone's day brighter. Thank you, Renee Herren , for sharing this great initiative. Fun for the creator and the receiver alike!
Donna Mansell
These are so fun! Thanks for sharing!
Jessica Acree
I've been wanting to do more this year, so this is perfect! My daughter's birthday is the 5th, we'll have to spread some positive messages together :)
Shannon Richardson
I LOVE this. Every time I see one I smile and feel happy. I always leave it there for someone else to pick up who might need it more than I do. I never considered painting my own, but now I think I just might! Thanks for the photos; they are really inspiring.
Last minute one before heading out to hide!
Jsin Sinclair
This so made my evening very beautiful. I found this cute rock under a seat at super 8 in Kenora.❤️
This! All day. Everyday. ♥ Thanks for the inspiration.

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