The Issue of Immigration From a Traveler's Perspective: Here's What I Have Seen... by Sheri B Doyle

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5 years ago

The Issue of Immigration From a Traveler's Perspective: Here's What I Have Seen...

Traveling around the world has exposed me to many different people, cultures and circumstances. While I find differences in each place I travel, I find more similarities. We want the same things: happiness, love, friendship and joy. That may look different to each of us but it is the same desire. Parents are also the same. They want food for their children, water, shelter, love and safety.

It is hard to imagine a life without opportunity, education or systems for support should something go wrong. For us, accepting that in this day and age people don’t have access to basic necessities like water, food or electricity, let alone police protection, is almost impossible.

  • I have seen children so poor the shacks they live in don’t have addresses.
  • I have seen children with no clothes.
  • I have seen children run out of drinking water if there wasn't enough rain.
  • I have seen children physically abused and the parents or teachers had nowhere to turn for help.
  • I have seen children dig in trashcans for food while walking barefoot in the streets because they have no shoes.

This is what we can see as we pass quickly through a country – we can’t see the deep struggles of people and societies.

The weight of immigration is difficult for many countries. It can be unbearable to provide resources and opportunities to all who seek it. Yet the one thing we can and should do is face each person with the compassion of knowing they are seeking a better life, one we have been lucky enough to be born into. They are seeking the things we take for granted as basic rights.

It is with compassion we can help them to change their countries so they can live safely. It is with compassion that even if we have to turn them away we can still allow them to feel human, to feel heard, to feel loved and to feel seen.

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Beautifully said! If I could love this a million times I would. I have yet to share anything regarding immigration or what’s been in the news lately but I’m sharing this. Thank you Sheri.
Sheri B Doyle
Thank you. It is so important for all of us to share our experiences and our love. Thank you for sharing
Elisa Schmitz
Compassion is the right word. Thank you for this beautiful perspective, Sheri B Doyle . 💗
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing your perspective, Sheri B Doyle . Compassion is the key here.
Tracey Hempenstall
Compassion, partnered with kindness, is what the world needs now...and LOTS of it!
Sheri B Doyle
I couldn’t agree more!
Alice V
totally agree but the sucky thing is that you really can't help everyone, just have to hope that the ones you can help, that it makes a difference.
Sheri B Doyle
You are right. I have seen first hand through volunteering that anything we do to help affects change. If that one person helps someone else then you have helped two people and so on.

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