Being Bullied Can Contribute to Suicide Too: It's Time to Speak Up for Our Kids! by Amanda Condio

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5 years ago

Being Bullied Can Contribute to Suicide Too: It's Time to Speak Up for Our Kids!

Bullying seems to be one of the hardest things for kids to get through these days. Not only because our lives revolve around our images across the entire web, but bullies can now hurt you from across the globe without ever coming face to face – this creates an easier way to pick on prey.

I feel for all these kids, as I was a victim of bullies growing up and it made my life so much harder than it needed to be. When I was in grades four and five I started to develop early and was teased and told that I “stuffed my bra” by boys and girls my age. I ended up flashing my chest to the entire girl’s locker room to shut them up because it was beginning to drive me crazy. I got in trouble for that, but the girls quit teasing.

When I was in sixth and seventh grade I was teased a lot for smoking at a young age and for having a large chest. I ended up having a very hard time going to school because of the torture I faced. I hardly went and when I did bad things always happened. The last time I went to school the girls finally took it to a whole new level and chased me down on the field and dumped cheese sauce on me and called me a “slut.” This caused me to drop out of school.

Don’t be a victim! Speak up! You are not alone!

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Julie Rose
So sorry this happened to you

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