Summer Activities for Kids: This Fun Game Will Keep Kids Guessing! by Marge Jesberger

5 years ago

Summer Activities for Kids: This Fun Game Will Keep Kids Guessing!

Need a fun way to keep kids entertained this summer? Try this guessing game that you can use as a reward for doing tasks around the house or as a group project! Here’s how:

  • Take a large clear container and fill it with anything that can be counted – pennies, shells, leaves, etc.
  • Let kids guess how many objects are in the container. If you are doing this for a group project, have the kids write their name and their guess on a piece of paper. They can drop them into a covered box or next to the jar.
  • The one that gets closest to the right amount is the winner and gets a prize!

Here are some suggestions on ways to play this guessing game:

  • Guess how many grocery coupons – Win a box filled with snacks.
  • Guess how many rubber bands – Win notebooks, crayons, books, etc.
  • Guess the amount of shells – Win a pail full of beach toys.
  • Guess the number of buttons – Win a craft package or poster board, fabric, color markers, etc.
  • Guess the total of bunny tails (aka cotton balls or pom poms) – Win the opportunity to pick the movie and snack for family movie night.

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I also use these for “calm down” time in the classroom. 😊
Tiffany Zook
Count the bunny tails, win a bag of carrots. (I’ll do anything to get the kids to eat vegetables)

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