Safeguarding Photos: How to Protect Your Family Photos From Natural Disasters by Laura Greenwald

3 months ago
Safeguarding Photos: How to Protect Your Family Photos From Natural Disasters

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching a victim of the latest disaster digging through the timbers of her home looking for the things she loves most: favorite photos. The worst part is this type of loss is so easy to prevent! Why are we so good at backing up our smartphone pictures – including the one of yesterday's lunch – five different ways? But the photos we love most are hanging on the wall unprotected!

  • Before hurricane, tornado, wildfire or volcano season catches you unprepared, grab your photos off the walls and scan them at home or at your local copy shop.
  • Back up the scans to several different locations in and out of your home, including your PC, portable hard drive, safe deposit box and the cloud. That way if anything ever happens, all you have to do is reprint your favorites and hang them up on your new wall.

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Susan Masterson
Great advice! I really do worry about that.
Laura Greenwald
Thanks Susan Masterson . We really worried about that too, until we figured it out. You're going to have so much fun scanning all your photos and knowing that they're safe and sound!
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Such a simple yet vital thing to do, that so many of us don't. Thank you for this great tip, Laura Greenwald , and for sharing your books with us!
Laura Greenwald
My pleasure! Hope everyone loves using them as much as we did writing them!
Alex Bryant
Great tips that sometimes over looked. Thank you for this life-cherishing reminder.
Laura Greenwald
You're welcome Alex Bryant ! My pleasure. And while you're at it, have fun reliving all of those wonderful memories.

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