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Healing Happens: Learn How to Heal Yourself Naturally From Illness With Author Avital Miller by Renee

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Healing Happens: Learn How to Heal Yourself Naturally From Illness With Author Avital Miller

Have an illness or know someone who does? We were thrilled to welcome 30Seconds contributor Avital Miller as our Twitter chat guest! Avital is an author, award-winning international keynote speaker, healing breakthrough facilitator and global dancer. Based on the best-selling book, "Healing Happens," this chat with Avital brought you insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses from over 20 illnesses including cancer, diabetes and autoimmune disorders. 

Q: How did a former program manager at Microsoft get involved with healing? 

 It’s personal. I was a 27-year-old yoga and fitness expert known as the Energizer Bunny who started having health issues. My hair was falling out, I had fatigue, weight gain, muscles turning to fat and more. Doctor said I had Hashimoto’s and hypothyrodism and put me on meds for life. I researched physical, energetic, mental, emotional, layers of healing. That steadied me. Then started to meditate and the doctor tapered me off the meds.  After meeting people who were told would die in a few weeks but survived, I had to put those stories in a book called " Healing Happens" and interview them on their success strategies. 

Q: Do people really have control to heal from disease? 

With finding nearly 200 stories so far of people healing beyond the doctor prognosis, it is hard not to believe that anyone can heal. It depends on how you define healing and we don’t always know our destiny. True healing is when we learn to be happy despite pain. When  Nicole DeAvila’s back went out she thought of what she loved and felt ecstatic state of joyfulness even with intense pain. Healing can also be learning how to smoothly transition into dying or minimizing pain. I look for improvement in someone’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual condition.

Q: You mentioned you would share the top four reasons why people have healed from terminal diseases and chronic conditions and how to enhance the power to heal yourself through natural healing techniques. What is the first one? 

The first key to success in healing is to focus on your reason to live. Dr. Bernie Siegel repeatedly saw patients heal from cancer when they did what they love and focused on living. Whether you want to watch your kids walk down the aisle, experience your grandkids growing up. My favorite was a woman who stayed alive to finish watching a soap opera series. Make your reason to live the stronger force! At minimum you’ll feel happier. What good is a healthy body if you are not happy? If anything was possible in six months, what would you have, be or do?

Q: What is the second key success strategy from your best-selling book, "Healing Happens?"

Don’t listen to everything. The problem today is nearly 130,000 people die each year in U.S. from taking their medications as prescribed. Doctors are human, too, and can make mistakes.  Maureen Belle was given six to eight weeks to live in 2006. Two months later when nearly dead she realized she had a choice and started to heal. Today she is healthy and teaches others how to heal. Tryshe Dhevney was told to get her affairs in order when her doctor couldn’t figure out how to heal her from hepatitis C. Three months after playing with singing bowls, they couldn’t find a trace of the disease. The list of stories is probably endless. Doctors are meant to heal, not say when we will die. Just because they cannot find a solution, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. 

Q: What is the third way people can help heal themselves naturally? 

Do what you can do!  Dr. Brooke Goldner healed lupus just from changing her diet. Sam, The Miracle Man, healed bipolar, MS and being suicidal from meditating five minutes a day. You can do what you like or is easy for you to start because one method of healing affects another. Medicines often treat symptoms but don’t strengthen and heal the body. You can become an active participant in the process and do what YOU can do. What can you do in five minutes for your health that you enjoy doing? 

Q: What is the fourth key tip for healing?

I don’t believe disease happens because of some divine retribution or from doing anything wrong. Instead we feel better when we ask, “What is the gift?” Myself, Nicole DeAvila, Maureen Belle, Tryshe Dhevney, Dr. Brooke Goldner, and Sam all learned a new gift of wisdom we have been sharing with others to help them heal too. Sometimes disease is a signal to make a change in life like starting a new career or ending an unsupportive relationship. Disease can also be a sign of spiritual progress, so we do not need to feel bad that it happens. Ask:

  • “What is the gift?”
  • “What is trying to happen?”
  • “Is there something better coming my way?”

Q: What are the best things busy people can do for their health? 

  • Spend at least five minutes a day doing something you love.
  • Practice prolonged deep breaths in and out of the nose while driving or going to work. 
  • When craving fast food, choose an organic green juice from a natural food store. 
  • When tired take a double inhale and tense your whole body, double exhale and release. 
  • At least once a week meditate a little longer or take a short walk in nature. 

Be sure to follow @AvitalMiller, visit, read her 30Seconds tips and purchase "Healing Happens" with the link below.

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Avital Miller
Can't wait to Twitter chat about Healing Happens!!
Avital Miller
Thank you! Very excited to be connecting with and sharing with the 30Seconds community!
Feel Better Bear
Great topic Avital Miller! In addition for over 19 years now we have been helping Moms & Families of "ALL AGES" Feel Better with Chilly Bear The Feel Better Bear! Award winning, ALL NATURAL Therapeutic Teddy Bear helps the little ones with Bumps & Bruises, Colic, Ear & Stomach aches, fever and for us adults Stress, Stiff necks, Menstrual Cramps, Migraine, Arthritis, Sore muscles, and more... Check it out and you will be glad you did!! Available at 30SecondsRewardsStore and on AMAZON for your convenience!
Nicole DeAvilla
Great Chat! So sorry to miss it. But love reading the transcript. xo
Donna John
Great chat, Avital Miller ! We have a friend that was given two years to live almost four years ago. He's traveling and living life to its fullest. Of course he has bad days, but he refuses to give up. Love when you said doctors make mistakes and are human. #HealingHappens!
Sheri B Doyle
I love this! Thank you so much for sharing.

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