Discounted Medical Bills: Here's a Trick to Save Money on Health and Medical Expenses by Leslie W

4 years ago
Discounted Medical Bills: Here's a Trick to Save Money on Health and Medical Expenses

If you are like my family, medical expenses can be hard on the budget. My husband handles all of the household bills, except medical bills, which I am in charge of. Navigating how best to pay unexpected bills is not easy. Here's a tip most people are not aware of: Medical providers do not necessarily offer discounts. However, if you ask for a discount when paying larger bills for services such as emergencies, surgeries, anesthesia or lab charges, many providers will offer discounts of 10 to 25 percent. 

If my bill is $100 or more, I always ask for a discount, then pay in full by credit card (which I then pay off immediately). Additionally, if you have a credit card that offers rewards, this is an added bonus! And if you use money from a medical savings account, you save even more because that income isn't taxed. I saved $625 this year already on medical bills. 

The next time you have to pay a medical bill, ask for a discount. It can't hurt to ask. The worst thing that can happen is the billing department will say no.

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Donna John
Yes, I do this, too. Great tip. You also reminded me of another related tip I've been meaning to write. Will get that done soon. :-)
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is really smart, Leslie W . You're right - it never hurts to ask!
Donna John
Just learned that private hospitals will give you a big "no" on discounts. Public hospitals seem to be more wiling to offer some kind of discount to help you out.
Leslie W
I did not know that. I guess I must be working with mostly public hospitals. But even smaller medical facilities that may be private, I have had a lot of luck with!
My mom is going to turn 65 this year, so she was discussing with me about Medicare plans. She told me that her colleague told her about getting help from The Health Exchange Agency agent for buying the affordable Medicare insurance plan. She also told me that her colleagues got detailed information on Medicare after consulting The Health Exchange Agency agent. But your shared advice will be really very helpful to me for dealing with the medical expenses and taking discounts. Thanks for sharing the tips, I will definitely follow them.

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