Choosing a Career: 10 Entry-Level Jobs That Make You The Happiest! by Jessica Acree

5 years ago

Choosing a Career: 10 Entry-Level Jobs That Make You The Happiest!

Choosing a career can be a life-long journey of trial and error. For a majority of us, the path takes many twists and turns before a dream job is revealed. You know, the one that's more "fulfilling," the one that doesn't feel like a job at all. It's something we all strive for. To discover a career that brings true joy and a feeling that you've found your calling.

What if you had a shortcut? What if you had some insight that betters your chances of finding happiness right out of the gates?

That's where CareerBliss comes in. A team of analysts with the online career community scoured thousands of independent company reviews by employees to find the top 10 "Happiest Entry-Level Jobs of 2018." Factors include workplace relationships, work environment, compensation, growth potential, company culture and more. Here's the list: 

  • corporate recruiter 
  • accounts receivable manager 
  • writer 
  • software intern 
  • data analyst intern 
  • graduate teaching assistant 
  • UX (User Experience) design intern 
  • Wordpress developer 
  • tech lead 
  • executive admin assistant

The average salary of each is below $65,000, now it's up to you to land the interview.

“An employee’s early working environment can help set the tone for the rest of their professional career," explains Heidi Golledge, co-founder and Chief Happiness Officer of CareerBliss. "Companies should strive to create a positive, happy atmosphere where new employees can truly thrive, learn, and develop successful habits for their future careers.”

Did any jobs on the list surprise you? What job do you think should be included?

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Elisa Schmitz
This is such a great post because it shows that you should truly follow what makes you happy, not just the money. I always loved writing. It took me a while to figure out that I could make a career out of it, though. As a two-time media company founder, I still love the core of what I am: a writer. So happy to see it made the list! Also happy to see data analyst on the list, since that's the path my son chose. Love this, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
SO great! I love learning all these tidbits about you! You're a wonderful, positive, supportive mentor too Elisa :) #tribevibes
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is so interesting, Jessica Acree ! Yay to writer making the list!
Kolja-kust [inactive]
I understand some and others, but it is worth noting that there are really amazing illustrations that make, for example, here
and that make sense, so I think everyone should find some use for such an article and really those who do not want to learn those will not even read this article!

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