Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips: Here Are a Chef's Best-Kept Supermarket Secrets by Chef Gigi

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5 years ago

Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips: Here Are a Chef's Best-Kept Supermarket Secrets

When it comes to grocery shopping, there are tried-and-true rules you probably already know. But here are a few small reminders on how to save some hard-earned cash!

  • Shop generic brands (or at least try ’em before you judge ’em).
  • Don’t fork over more cash for pre-chopped produce. Ever!
  • Clip a coupon every now and then (at least).
  • Most stores repeat their sales cycle every six weeks, but your store might be different. To figure out the rhythm, make a list of 10 items that you buy frequently at one or more store. Then, make a point of tracking. When it hits sale price, you can stock up with several weeks worth of the item instead of buying it every week at higher prices.
  • Most grocery chains start their sale ads during the middle of the week. The best time to shop is the first day of the sale, in the morning. The store should be well stocked with the best items. Never see that empty sale shelf again! 
  • If you did miss the sale on your favorite products, ask the checkout person for a rain check and the retailer should honor the sale price on your next visit.

How do you save money at the grocery store? Please share below!

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Elisa Schmitz
So clever! Great ideas, Chef Gigi Gaggero . You are one smart cookie! :-)
Gwen Johnson
Yes! Pre-chopped veggies are such a waste of money. DO IT YOURSELF!!

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