Single Parent Again: I Hope My Kids Remember a Mom Who Adored Them by Dawn Taylor

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6 years ago

Single Parent Again: I Hope My Kids Remember a Mom Who Adored Them

I started out as a single mom. When my sons were 5 and 12, I married a younger man and agreed to have more children (God willing) if I could be a stay-at-home mom, at least until the kids were in school full time. Having two daughters less than a year apart was a surprise, but I happily embraced it.

I had many health issues soon after my youngest was born, and my marriage began to crumble from the stress. Not your typical marriage falling apart, but a scary, sometimes violent time that in a million years I could not have predicted. My professor husband became a man I didn’t recognize, and our family life became tragic.

When my daughters were just 8 and 9, their father hit rock bottom. Not only did they live in a broken home, but the court ordered no visitation. Once again, I was a single parent and jumped into survival mode. I run from job to job; at times, the kids have to fend for themselves and they often see me exhausted.

I’ve taught them to be independent. I’ve taught them how to be hard working. They always rise to the occasion. And shine. I hope they remember a mom who laughed with them. Who sang with them. I hope they remember a mom who adored them.

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Elisa Schmitz
Thank you for sharing your story, Dawn Taylor . You are an incredibly strong woman. I, too, have been a single mom, and it is the hardest job there is. Single parents work overtime for their kids, to make sure they are cared for and provided for. Truly, the real MVPs. Your kids will remember the laughter and the singing, as well as the hard work ethic and independence you taught them. Lucky kids (and awesome mom)! xoxo
Dawn Taylor
Thank you for saying that. It’s rewarding but at times overwhelming. The good is kids think you are the best and the worst because you become both good and bad cop. 🙂
Wow, what a powerful post. You are so tough. 💗

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